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Comprehensive Lawn Program

Comprehensive Lawn Program in Huntingdon Valley

6 Visit Lawn Plan

If you can think of it, our 6 visits probably cover it. Our goal is to provide a superior lawn care program, not your basic weed and feed service. 

Some of the ways we stand out are:

  • Free comprehensive soil test at sign-up to identify any soil deficiencies unique to your property. Based on the results, customized treatments may be recommended.
  • 2 pre-emergent weed control treatments for extended control.
  • Grub control with bee-friendly, long-lasting treatment.
  • 2 nutsedge and crabgrass treatments in the summer, including a late summer visit when crabgrass often takes hold. Nutsedge is an invasive weed that is not hurt by traditional weed control products.
  • PH maintenance with lime.
  • Premium slow-release fertilizer.

Willow’s 6 Visit Lawn Program in Detail

  1. Early Spring – Fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control: This treatment with a slow-release fertilizer provides nutrients as the grass emerges from dormancy and begins to grow. Our long-lasting pre-emergent helps prevent weed seeds from germinating.
  2. Spring – Weed Control: As temperatures warm and weeds start to grow, this treatment helps kill off broadleaf weeds like dandelions, clover, and plantain.
  3. Early Summer – Fertilizer, pre, and post-emergent weed control, nutsedge treatment, and grub control: This is the visit that keeps on giving and is one way we stand out from the competition. Unlike most, we do a second application of long-lasting pre-emergent to help prevent weeds’ seeds from germinating in the summer. At this same time, we do the first treatment for nutsedge. Nutsedge is an invasive weed that has become a growing problem over the last few years. Unfortunately, nutsedge is not killed by traditional weed control products and requires its own special treatment. Additionally, we treat for other weeds that may be trying to get established in your lawn. Lastly, we apply a long-lasting, bee-friendly systematic grub treatment to provide season-long grub control. This product will also control surface-feeding insects like cinch bugs.
  4. Late Summer – Nutsedge, crabgrass, and post-emergent weed control: This second treatment for nutsedge helps to kill off the nutlets that form below ground that typically allow this weed to come back year after year. This treatment also helps to kill off any crabgrass or other broadleaf weeds that have tried to get established in your lawn.
  5. Early Fall – Fertilizer and spot weed control: Fall is the season where grass needs the most nutrients as it grows roots and builds up fuel reserves to help it the following season. This is the largest application of slow-release fertilizer in our program and helps provide the nutrients your lawn needs. We will spot treat for any weeds as well.
  6. Late Fall – Weed control and PH maintenance: Late fall is the best time to kill perennial weeds in the lawn. As temperatures cool, perennial weeds start to send resources down to their roots. Treating at this time allows us to get the product into the weeds’ roots, killing off the entire plant, not just the top foliage. This treatment is timed after frosts have occurred and weeds are sending resources to their roots. This treatment also includes a lime treatment to maintain your lawn’s PH. Without treatment, soils in our region become more acidic, negatively impacting nutrient uptake and grass health.

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    "I highly recommend this company."
    We are very pleased with the work done by Willow Tree Service. The job reflected the knowledge and skill of a fine arborist. In addition, your crew were very pleasant and professional.
    - Stan and Irene K.
    "We were really pleased with the work."
    Your crew was friendly, considerate, careful and amazingly competent and efficient. In my experience it’s rare to get such satisfaction when you contract to have work done.
    - Kara T.
    "You have a great company and even greater employees!"
    Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job your crew did today in removing our large oak tree. It was even a pleasure to watch them – setup, careful, meticulous work and safety during the process, and cleanup!
    - Kathy and Fred G.
    Thank you for the fine work in cutting and removing my trees. The crews were all great, pleasant, and efficient. You made a major problem for us into a really good experience!
    - John R.
    "It was a pleasure to see such a professional job well executed."
    I was very pleased with everything regarding your service...from the legible estimate to the schedule and kept date for service. No rescheduled date was needed. Your workers were extremely competent, and polite, and worked together as a coherent team.
    - Mrs. Loretta H.
    "Highly Recommended!"
    Fantastic job! It will be easy to recommend Willow to others (already have!)
    - Bill B.
    "Thank you!"
    The men were so polite and did a beautiful job.
    - Janet K.
    "I would highly recommend them."
    Both your tree and stump crews did a fantastic job at our property. It is evident that everyone in your company takes pride in their work as they left the property in a very clean condition.
    - Jared S.

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