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5 Best Trees For Firewood


If this winter is to be like the ones of years past, then expect at least one major snowstorm before Spring.

Even without any major snowfall, it’s bound to stay pretty chilly until spring rolls around. If you haven’t done so already, right now is the perfect time to stock up on some firewood from your local wood suppliers.

If you’ve been planning on using wood from the trees in your backyard for firewood, think again! You may not know it, but not all trees are ideal for firewood!

When selecting the perfect firewood to deliver to our clients, Willow Tree and Landscape Services looks at a number of factors. In determining a good wood for fires, the most important thing to think about is the amount of heat it creates per cord. Trees vary considerably with their energy density – the best trees have a per cord energy equal to 200+ gallons of oil!

For people looking to split their own wood, ease of splitting is often another important factor in choosing the right tree for firewood.

We’ve found some excellent trees that are perfect for building a hearty fire. Surprisingly, some of the best trees for firewood are native to our area!

Ash Trees: Both the green and white ash – two native species – make great firewood. Ash is one of the few woods that can be burned unseasoned, although seasoned is better.

Beech Trees: The American beech tree is a native hardwood that produces excellent heat. It is difficult to split, but once split, it is one of the best fire woods out there.

Oak Trees: Trees in both the red oak and white oak families make excellent, easy-to-split firewood.

Hickory Trees: Nearly all of the hickory species make great firewood, although they can be more difficult to split

Locust Trees: Both the black locust and the honey locust make great firewood. However, while the honey locust is east to split, the black locust is quite difficult.

While picking the right type of wood is important for building a good fire, the most important thing is making sure it is well-seasoned.

Seasoning dries out the wood to ensure that it can burn hot, and minimizes the creosote build-up in your firewood. This is why Willow Tree and Landscape Services always makes sure that we use the best types of wood for our firewood, and that it is well seasoned before being made available for purchase.

Ready to stock up for the winter? Click here for your free quote on half or full-cord firewood delivery!