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Glenside Tree Pruning Keeps A Yard Clean


What do you do when your favorite tree is causing a huge mess in your yard?

Don’t cut it down! Contact Willow Tree and Landscape Services and let us care for the tree and eliminate debris without removing it!

A homeowner in Glenside was facing this exact dilemma. His favorite linden tree was creating a huge mess as debris fell off of it all year long.

The tree had been growing in the yard for more than 50 years, and the homeowner did not want to remove it. It looked so beautiful in his landscape; our entire team agreed that it needed to stay.

We had the perfect solution to the client’s problem: prune the tree, thin the branches out, and remove all of the deadwood. This simple process eliminated excess branches, which will limit the amount of leaves dropping on his back patio in the summer and fall months.

By actively removing the deadwood, we ensured that it would not flake off and fall throughout the landscape. Less mess for the client to clean up, more time sitting in the backyard enjoying the view!

Watch as Ed Yeakel, owner of Willow Tree and Landscape Services, explains this process in detail:

If you need help caring for a favorite tree in your yard, give us a call. We have the solutions you need to help keep your landscape looking amazing, and your trees thriving!

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