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Blue Bell Tree Trimming


Recently, Willow Tree Service was hired to remove and prune trees from a residential property in Blue Bell. Despite there being snow on the ground, we were able to complete the project safely.


The first tree to be removed was a dying sassafras tree. The tree was decaying in the trunk, and since it was along the back fence, it could do damage if not removed soon.

Another tree, a linden, had grown too large for the location. The homeowners decided to remove it in order to create room and not cause issues in the future.

Lastly, two linden trees were to be reduced. Willow Tree Service uses a process called reduction pruning which reduces the size and shape of the tree. This also decreases the chances of limbs and sections breaking, causing possible property damage.

The reduction pruning on the two linden trees was done so that the cuts were made at lateral limbs of the appropriate size. This differs greatly from tree topping, which should be avoided if possible since it can cause the tree to be structurally weaker and shorten the lifespan of the tree.

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