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Our 2022 Tree and Landscape Goals


Our Willow Family is growing and we move into 2022 with our strongest team yet! We’ve added additional Certified Arborists to our team and new equipment to support our customer’s increasing needs. The storms of 2021 have taught us how to respond quickly and efficiently as there is no such thing as waiting a few days for an estimate when there is a tree on a house or a car! We enter 2022 with the talent and strength to meet any storm or hurricane. We are here for you more than ever!

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On our radar this year are some new plant health care initiatives–organic lawn care and other environmentally sound chemicals to meet the challenges of insect and disease control.

We welcome a new horticulturist, our daughter Lauryn, with a passion for native plant material and landscape design. Behind beautiful design is a larger eco-system. Lauryn’s specialty is in approaching every planting as an integral piece to a larger puzzle, serving the soil microbes beneath it and acting in harmony with the beneficial insects/wildlife surrounding it.

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