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Penn State Abington Tree Trimming

Ed Yeakel

Keeping Penn State Abington’s Campus Safe And Beautiful For 30 Years

Ever wonder how big a tree can get in 30 years? The short answer: very big!

For nearly 30 years, Penn State Abington has relied on Willow Tree & Landscape Services to keep their campus looking great and their trees growing strong. Every year, we check the trees that grow over the winding paths to make sure that none of them pose a hazard to students as they walk to class every day.

This time, we were called out to inspect a Beech tree near a busy intersection of paths. Over the years, the tree had grown to an impressive height. Unfortunately, an arm on the tree had begun to decay, making it structurally unsafe.

The biggest concern was completing the job without risking the safety of the students. And so, we traveled out to Penn State Abington over winter break to get the job done!

Here’s a brief video which shows the delicate process of removing a tree limb:

First, the climber ties up in the center of the tree. This is to ensure that he remains safe as he begins to cut the limb down and does not have to worry about staying balanced on a tree while he tries to cut a part of it down!

In the video, you can see that the climber has attached the limb to our crane with a strap. This very important step is to make sure that the limb does not come crashing down after he has made his final cut. The limb is under our control the entire time, and does not pose any risk to the sidewalk or surrounding buildings (or passers-by.)

Finally, with the limb completely cut away from the tree, the crane lowers it slowly to the ground. Two trained employees are waiting to help guide it into our wood chipper.

We’re pleased to announce that the Penn State Abington campus walkways are safe and beautiful once again, thanks to the hard work of our incredible team!

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