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Our Top Priority During Tree Removal: Safety

tree removal safety (man cutting down a tree)

When it comes to tree removal safety, we don’t cut any corners.

Tree removal and other landscaping services can be quite dangerous if not handled properly. There are a few key precautions that Willow Tree and Landscape Services takes to ensure the safety of all employees, people nearby, and homes.

1. Using The Right Equipment

Without the proper equipment, maintaining safety during large projects is impossible. Having the right equipment will not only ensure safety, but it will also get the job done without harming the home or anyone else in the process.

The right equipment can vary in shapes and size. Our tree removal equipment includes bucket trucks and our very own crane, which allows for a faster, safer, and cheaper removal. These modern tools are used to help protect your property and perform the job safely and efficiently.

2. Experience Is A Must

What’s the right equipment without an experienced crew to properly operate it?

Our crew at Willow Tree and Landscape Services consists of well-trained, certified, and experienced professionals. All of the crew members on the project featured in the video above, aside from one trainee, had well over 15 years of experience! We pride ourselves on our company’s reputation for professionalism, expertise, and personal service.

With these two important factors always at the top of our mind, you can rest assured that the Willow Tree team will always deliver safe, fast, and clean results. Always putting safety first means no damage, no injuries and no stress for anyone involved!

Interested in learning more about our safe and experienced crew members or any of our services? Give Willow Tree and Landscape Services a call today!