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Keeping A Blue Bell Property Looking Gorgeous With Annual Tree Services

Well maintained property

Trees are living, growing things. They need constant, regular care if you want them to grow into the full and flourishing plants they were meant to be.

Willow Tree and Landscape Services has several clients who call us out regularly over the years to help tend to their trees. We’re always happy to check in on their landscapes and see how everything is growing!

The owners of an estate in Blue Bell have relied on our team’s expert services to keep their property looking gorgeous. The landscape is full a diverse amount of trees, including copper beech, large white pines, white oaks, horse chestnut, sycamores, willow trees in the fields, and several ash trees along the driveway.

While some of these trees only need a light pruning every once in a while, others require more serious treatment and deadwooding to keep them alive and growing. We also deadwood trees for safety reasons: since this property is full of willows and other trees prone to losing branches regularly, we must deadwood them in order to avoid falling branches and the risk of injury.

Safety is always our top priority, and aesthetics are equally important. Whether we’re removing a couple of branches or removing an entire tree, we will always make sure that your landscape is a gorgeous display of natural beauty.

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