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Why Winter Tree Pruning Is Great


When most people think of landscape work, they picture warmer weather, blossoming plants, plenty of green, and even more sunshine.

Surprisingly, there are several benefits of winter tree pruning that most people don’t know about! Despite the frigid temperatures, right now might be the perfect time to book your tree service appointment with Willow Tree and Landscape Services.

Fewer Pests

Chilly winter temperatures are not ideal for most diseases and insects that tend to plague trees the rest of the year. Since these nasty pests are dormant in the winter, they are less likely to be attracted to fresh pruning cuts, which means a healthier healing process for your tree.

Added Health Benefits

For many trees, the best time to perform major pruning on live limbs is when the tree is dormant. Winter pruning causes less stress than pruning during the growing season, when the tree is focusing all of its energy on soaking up the sun and spreading its limbs out.

Convenience & Access

Accessing your yard with our state of the art equipment is made exponentially easier when the ground is hard and frozen and your lawn is dormant. This will lead to a smaller risk of damage to the rest of your landscape (although we always take great care to make sure your yard looks better than it was when we first arrived, no matter what time of year we’re there!)

Additionally, without leaves covering the branches and blocking our line of sight, it can be easier to identify problems within the tree.

Most Importantly…You Save $$$

We saved the best reason to schedule your winter tree pruning service for last: it’ll save you tons of money!

Due to lower demand, pricing in the winter is often reduced, making it much more affordable than any other time of the year.

Not only will you save money by scheduling your winter landscaping services today, but we’ll also come out to your home to give you a custom project estimate, absolutely free!

Click here to schedule your free in-home tree pruning estimate from Willow Tree and Landscape Services.