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Safeguarding Fort Washington Synagogue With Tree Trimming

Large tree

Sometimes tree removal is the best decision to make when considering the safety of an area. Loose branches or an entire tree could fall onto a building during a storm.

Ash trees, which are often affected by emerald ash borer, are particularly susceptible to falling once they become brittle and weak.

Willow Tree and Landscaping Services recently headed to the OR Hadash Congregation in Fort Washington to remove several dead & dying ash trees. Check out the video below!

The team focused on removing the trees and branches that were leaning over the synagogue, which posed the highest risk for property damage. In the video below, we used a large crane to trim some individual branches.

The project was in a tight space adjacent to their main access road, but our team took the necessary safety precautions to prepare for the job. As seen in the video, using the right equipment is a necessity! Bringing in our own bucket trucks and crane allowed for a safe project to preserve their historic building.

Have a tree that’s too close to your house or business? Contact Willow Tree and Landscape Services today for all of your tree trimming and removal needs.