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Emergency Tree Removal Ensures Safety Of Holland Home

Fallen tree

The recent Nor’easter was quite strong – wind gusts were measured near 60 mph in some areas!

Such high wind speeds, combined with heavy rainfall, led to several downed trees throughout the region. One homeowner in Holland, PA, had two tragedies to deal with: a beloved tree fallen, and the fact that it fell on the roof of their home.

Fortunately, the homeowner had heard of Willow Tree and Landscape Services’ emergency tree removal services. They knew they could trust us with this dangerous fallen tree removal, especially since the safety of their home relied upon it.

When we arrived to the property, our ISA Certified Arborist was relieved to see that the tree had caused minimal damage to the home. However, this made our job that much more important; we needed to remove the fallen tree carefully in order to avoid causing further, irreparable damage to the roof.

Our team carefully scaled the tree, attaching a cable securely around it. The cable was attached to our company-owned crane which began slowly lifting the tree off of the house.

As the tree was lifted by the crane, the lower branches were cut in order to prevent further damage to the home and property. With the branches removed and the weight of the tree off of the house, we cut the base of the tree from the roots, leaving the stump in the ground. By doing this, we were able to keep the client’s lawn intact, instead of ripping the entire tree out of the ground with the crane and potentially destroying the landscape.

Once the tree was cut from the stump, it was completely removed from the house. The base was guided by our team, who made sure it would not swing in either direction and cause further damage.

The crane maneuvered the tree over the driveway and into our wood chipper. It’s amazing to think that such a massive tree can be ground into a small pile of mulch with our powerful wood chipper!

With the tree cleared away, our team got to work removing all of the debris. We guarantee a property left cleaner than it was when we arrived. When the client returned to their home, they were shocked to see no trace of the fallen tree in sight.

Don’t stress about fallen trees on your property. Let the experts at Willow Tree and Landscape Services remove fallen trees with our top-rated tools and team of certified arborists!

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