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Free Tree Removal Estimate In Ft. Washington

Man pointing at tree

Willow Tree and Landscape Services continues to make its rounds throughout the Delaware Valley area, cleaning up after recent windy weather.

We live in a region filled with very old, very beautiful trees. Unfortunately, some of these trees have become too old and weak, and pose serious safety hazards for the properties built underneath them.

If you’re concerned about falling branches or weak trees in your yard, let us know! We’ll give you a free tree removal estimate and review the entire removal process with you before we even get started with our work.

Willow Tree owner (and ISA Certified Arborist) Ed Yeakel visited a home in Fort Washington, where he responded to a tree removal request from a homeowner whose house had been damaged after the storm.

As you can see in the video below, there were several obstacles that needed to be addressed before we could begin work on the property. One of the more important questions we need to understand is the ability to access trees with large equipment like our crane or bucket truck. This is why we offer a free estimate to all potential clients: we want to earn your trust and leave you feeling comfortable that we know what we’re doing and your property is in the right hands!

After determining that our cranes could fit on the property safely, without risking further damage to the home, we reviewed the removal process with the client. He was so thrilled by what he heard that he asked us to take a look at the trees in his front yard as well! Our analysis determined that there were far too many weak branches (several of which were already breaking off), and that the tree needed to be removed as well.

Take a look at the video below to see a sample of what your free tree removal estimate will include:

With Willow Tree and Landscape Services, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs, dangerous practices, or shady work. All you’ll get with us is transparency, security, comfort, and top-of-the-line service from the very first phone call!

Click here to schedule your free estimate with Willow Tree and Landscape Services today.