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Protecting Your Property With Safe Tree Removal

tall tree

One of the best things about living where we do is the abundance of decades-old trees soaring above our heads and surrounding our homes.

Unfortunately, this also means that older, dying trees pose a serious risk to our property, and to our families.

This gigantic maple tree in Blue Bell was hollowing out and at an elevated risk to fall. As time passes, the tree would only continue to hollow out more and more, increasing the risk. The homeowners had to admit that it was time for their beloved tree to come down.

Willow Tree & Landscape Services knew that the project would take serious focus and extra security precautions, since the tree was surrounded by homes and grew right alongside a wooden privacy fence. It makes sense that the homeowners called us for this delicate removal process, since our #1 priority is safety.

Watch as our incredible team uses our top-of-the-line equipment and expert know-how to remove the tree without causing any damage:

Not only were we able to remove the entire tree and eliminate the danger it posed, but we did so without causing any damage to the surrounding property, including the fence just inches from the trunk of the tree. As always, we left the property cleaner than it was when we arrived by removing all debris.

Whether you’re looking for help with seasonal tree pruning, general landscape services, or a massive tree removal project. look no further than Willow Tree & Landscape Services. We’re here to help you get your landscape looking incredible, while completing every project safely and efficiently.

Contact Willow Tree & Landscape Services to get your free tree removal estimate today.